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art licensing

Art licensing is bound by a formal contract and a signed agreement for the transfer or grant of rights from the owner of those rights to another.
The grant of the license describes the terms for the use of defined artworks, designs and prints for a specific product or purpose, in a specified territory and sales region for a limited time period. The license can be exclusive or nonexclusive and involves a payment, this can be flat fee, royalty payments or royalties with an advance. 


Art can be sold as a category buyout or a full buyout.
A category buyout grants you the rights to use a specific piece of art or design for a specific category, product or purpose and sales area continuously and indefinitely for a one time payment fee that is determined by the rights required.


If you have a special project that requires art or a surface pattern design but you can’t find the prints needed in my portfolio or you would like me to create something exclusively for you, please get in touch I'd love to work with you!
I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about collaboration and freelance work.


art directors, agents & manufacturers

If you’re an art director, art buyer, agent or manufacturer looking for art for your products I have an extended private portfolio with pattern collections, illustrations and Christmas winter holiday art that is suitable for fabric, stationery, home decor, packaging, gifts and more.
Please use the form below to request access and let me know if there is any particular art you are looking for.

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