Geisha Garden

Since my last post I have been busy with alot of new design work and projects. One of these was to design fabric inspired by a Japanese Garden for a Kimono for Spoonflower's new website Sprout Patterns. I designed a few different patterns in the process. This was my first design with these Cranes in flight. 

Japanese Garden Textile Design

Japanese Garden Textile Design

I then went on to illustrate and draw some more Japanese theme motifs such as shrines, cherry blossoms  and origami inspired patterns. I added these to a new design and also played around with several different colour variations before I settled with the final design - Geisha Garden.  


And this is an example of what my Geisha Garden Textile Design would look like when used for a Kimono.

Gesiha Garden Textile Design as shown here on this Kimono

Gesiha Garden Textile Design as shown here on this Kimono

Fun New Bedding Designs

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working really hard on some new designs and artwork for my portfolio. An area which I have wanted to develop and do surface pattern designs for is the children's market. I have been spending alot of time drawing and sketching different motifs and objects in preparation for creating a whole collection of pattern designs that will be fun and versatile and geared towards casual fashion and a range of designs suitable for children's bedding with some matching soft furnishing and cute stuffed toys. 

As part of my design process I always develop all my individual drawings and sketches into layout that provides a sense of movement and flow, this was my final set of boats illustrations which I laid out so that it could be used as a fun poster or go on a beach towel.

Boat Illustration - Kirsten Katz

Boat Illustration - Kirsten Katz

I then worked on the repeat pattern design and added some modern colours. And you can now see the final result.  My first completed design for a boys bedding collection which I have called Regatta. I hope you like it! I think it would look fabulous in a boys room with my hand drawn nautical inspired design. Let me know what you think :)


Spoonflower Design Competition

I have not entered any design competitions or challenges recently because I have been busy concentrating on various courses, learning new skills and working on new artwork in different mediums. One of the mediums I have started to play around with is painting with water colours and when Spoonflower announced that the theme for this surface pattern design competition was watercolours I thought yes! perfect timing. What a great way to be inspired to create a design, all in one day, and also incorporate some birds with my flowers. This is my entry 'Folk Garden' .  

To create this surface pattern design I started by painting up different folk style birds and floral motifs in watercolours which I then scanned and opened in Photoshop, where I created and assembled my repeat pattern. Here are some design process images of the original watercolour paintings which I used for this design.

Watercolour Painted Birds 

Watercolour Painted Birds 

Watercolour Painted Floral Motifs

Watercolour Painted Floral Motifs

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more of the process and the original paintings behind the design. If you would like to see more watercolour designs and vote for your favourite designs in this competition you can do so by going to the Spoonflower website via clicking Watercolour Design Competition

The designs are randomly displayed each time someone views the website and you can vote for as many designs as you like, however you can only vote once. If you like my design I would really appreciate your support with a vote, just scroll until you see it and select it by clicking on the tick.....Thank you so much :)



Farm Fresh Fabric

Week Two - Designing Home Decor Products 

Fabric was the product material used to design home decor items in week two. Continuing with the Farm fresh country garden party theme I designed products with an emphasis on flowers that had a folk style to them this week.  I designed teat towels, waterprrof outdoor cushions, napkins with a watercolour print, a garden deck chair with matching hat and a quirky waitress apron. 

Large throw outdoor picnic cushion  with screen printed floral pattern

Large throw outdoor picnic cushion  with screen printed floral pattern

This is one of the textile designs I created in week two, it is really bold and looks fabulous as upholstery as shown below on this arm chair. 

Illustration for tulip design

Illustration for tulip design

2015 Wrap Up

Well it really has been quite sometime since I have posted on my blog! 

The last few months of 2015 were extremely busy for me with work, design competitions, portfolio work and a couple of courses. Then before I knew it 2015 was over!

In October and November I worked on some new design work. The 'Lady of the House' is small design collection for the kitchen inspired by pyrex and pasta. These fun conversational designs are well suited for tea towels, aprons and kitchen decor. 

I have just returned from a much needed break and a few weeks holiday  which gave me time to relax and recharge and finally getting back into the groove of things once again.

Before I wrap up this short post I will post some designs that I have mocked up onto products from a collection of designs I called 'Australiana' . 

Imagine bringing a touch of the Australian spirit into your home with these cockatoos and proteas.

Looking forward to posting more regularly this year to share with you what I am currently working on.  

Victorinox 2016 Design

I have been entering alot of international design competitions and challenges lately. It is a great way as a designer to be able to work on different products and styles as well as getting work out there for the world to see.  The Jovoto, is a platform to bring creatives and global brands together to submit art, designs and patterns for products.  Victorinox 2016 is the most recent design competition that was open to creatives worlwide. 

The goal of this project is to design the 2016 Victorinox Limited Edition collection, for the classical smaller-version  of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. The aim was to develop a new, exciting and unseen design that unmistakably combines your style with the latest trends and exciting graphic elements.

My design Tulski showcases what Switzerland is famous and synonymous with - Tulips, skiing , mountains and the bold colours of its flag. Tulski, a combination of Tulips and Ski, is a modern design that is on trend with current patterns and geometric designs. 

I wanted to create a design that was graphic, bold, timeless and gender neutral which related to the iconic Victorinox brand and celebrated the beauty, wonders, sport and scenery of Switzerland. The colour palette for Tulski was directly drawn from the Victorinox logo and the Swiss flag with the addition of a charcoal black and a silver grey. The design elements are stylized patterns based on tulips, skis, ski trails, snow covered mountains and the lakes and valleys between them. 

You can view and rate my design my design Tulski on the Jovoto website. I would love your support :)


Field of Flowers Product Concepts

Here are a couple of product design concepts with my Top 100 Semi Finalist Textile Design for the 2015 Spoonflower Fabric 8 Competition. Field of Flowers is such a versatile design and looks fabulous on numerous products and surfaces especially fashion as shown here in this fabulous summer dress and funky high top sneekers!

 Art directors and manufacturers this design will be available for licensing with the rest of the collection very soon ! If you are interested please Contact me so we can discuss the details :)

Pretty in Pink

As you all know my Field of Flowers textile design was selected in the Top 100 designs from over 800 entries for the Spoonflower Fabric 8 competition. This is an annual textile design competition that is open to designers all around the world and this year it was partnered with Moda Fabrics. 

I chose to enter the dark colourway of my Field of Flowers textile design even though I loved the light pink colourway as well. Here is an image showing product mockups for some Home Decor soft furnishings with the light pink colour scheme of my Top 100 design. This colourway even though it is the same pattern has a much softer appearance and delicate feel to it and would be ever so lovely in a girls bedroom and it is in stark contrast to the bolder dark colour version. 

Field of Flowers

I just want to share this image with you. I created some product mockups for a few home decor products using my Field of Flowers Textile Design that I entered into the Spoonflower Fabric 8 textile design competition for Moda fabrics. I hope you like the way my fabric design will look when it is made into some gorgeous soft furnishings, cushions and quilts. 

Fabric8 Textile Competition

I want to share with you my designs for the Spoonflower Fabric8 Textile Design Competition for Moda Fabrics

The theme for this years Fabric8 International Textile Design Competition was 'Botanical Sketchbook' . I love flowers and they are part of my design style and signature look. I have never entered a Spoonflower Design Competition but this theme was really inspiring so I decided to give it a try.

I designed several designs based on various flowers...from Crocus Bulbs, Daffodils, Peonies, Buttercups and Stewartia's. For weeks I hand drew illustrations and stylized sketches of these flowers in order to use for my designs. Then  I had to make a huge decision of which design to submit as you were only allowed one design. Such a hard decision as I loved them all.....Here are my four favourite designs.


Not only did I have to choose one design but I also had to decide on which colour palette to submit. Should I go with the safer, pretty and soft colours of the light background or would I bold, retro colourway of the dark background? I chose to go for the bold, really 70's Retro look with the hand drawn stylised drawings of Peonies, Buttercups and the not so known Stewartia flower.


There were over 800 entries from designers all around the world and I am so pleased to announce that my design was selected as a semi-finalist and made it to the Top 100 Designs! 

I am so proud and excited to be a Semi Finalist in the 2015 Fabric 8 Textile Design Competition! 

The next step of the process is to select the Finalists!......Just 8 Deigns will go through to the final round! If you like my design I would really appreciate your support by clicking on the image below and Voting for my design :)

Just scroll until you see my design and select it and any other designs you like to Vote for them.

The final 8 designers will then showcase their whole Botanical Sketchbook Collection which will consist of 3 other coordinating designs.....I would love to make it to the Finals...Thanks for you support and help :)