Happy 4th July, Celebrate Freedom

I am sitting here in my studio taking a short break from working on some new illustrations and designs when I remembered that it was the 4th of July - American Independence Day -  the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776 and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.

A few days ago I designed and created this floral illustration in red, white and blue for The 4th July and have named it 'Freedom Flowers' and it would also be a great piece of art for Australia Day since we have the same flag colours :)    

Hipster Lumberjacks

As part of the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp design challenge for the month of April I had to illustrate Lumberjacks! I must say that this was definitely out of my comfort zone and it forced me to draw and illustrate faces; something that is far away from my well known subject matter and style. I started with doodle style sketches and drawings in order to start to try and capture the essence and feel of these new age Woodsmen. These are my first quick sketches and attempts at drawing some quirky looking Lumberjacks.

I gradually found my way and a style that was mine and so the drawing continued until I had illustrated 5 Hipster style Lumberjacks that I was happy with.

The next step and part of the MATS Bootcamp challenge was to use these Lumberjacks to decorate ornaments. I decided to go in a slightly different direction and used four of my Lumberjacks to decorate Bowling Pins.

I enterred my Lumberjacks into the 2016 Cushion Design competition on  Wraptious

The cushions are available to purchase for a limited time. They are digitally printed on Vegan Suede and Handmade in the UK, with your choice of coloured backing and zip. Why not check out the Wraptious website and whilst you are there please Like and Share my cushion as this earns me a vote to get to the finals of their 2016 Cushion Design Competition in the search for new up and coming designers :)  


GTS - Global Talent Search

In August I entered the Global Talent Search, and international art and illustration competition orangised by The Lilla Rogers Studio.  The design brief for this competition was to create art and a design for a pair of sneekers for a fictitious girl named Antoinette.

 As soon as I read the design brief and Antoinette's story all I could think of was Alice in Wonderland! I developed 4 mood boards from the images in the assignment and made some further deductions about her interests, lifestyle and what she may like. I thought Antoinette would most likely be a cat lover which further fueled my Wonderland theme. So I made my art, designs and illustrations based on Antoinette in Wonderland.

My final artwork and pattern design was so rich with illustrations and beautiful images I was able to show off my work on more than one sneeker. 


A closer look at my artwork and design which I designed in two different colourways.

I am looking forward to adding some more surface patterns designs to Wonderland and being able to offer this design to art directors to be used on products.