Fun New Bedding Designs

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working really hard on some new designs and artwork for my portfolio. An area which I have wanted to develop and do surface pattern designs for is the children's market. I have been spending alot of time drawing and sketching different motifs and objects in preparation for creating a whole collection of pattern designs that will be fun and versatile and geared towards casual fashion and a range of designs suitable for children's bedding with some matching soft furnishing and cute stuffed toys. 

As part of my design process I always develop all my individual drawings and sketches into layout that provides a sense of movement and flow, this was my final set of boats illustrations which I laid out so that it could be used as a fun poster or go on a beach towel.

Boat Illustration - Kirsten Katz

Boat Illustration - Kirsten Katz

I then worked on the repeat pattern design and added some modern colours. And you can now see the final result.  My first completed design for a boys bedding collection which I have called Regatta. I hope you like it! I think it would look fabulous in a boys room with my hand drawn nautical inspired design. Let me know what you think :)


Designing for Home Decor

I have just completed a 5 week intense course designing for Home Decor products with artists and other designers from all around the world.  My chosen theme to base my designs on was country inspired 'Farm Fresh'.  Each  week we had to design products made out of a different substrate, which included metal, fabric, glass, ceramics and wood. As well as the country farm theme I decided to limit my designs so that they would be suitable for a garden party and outdoor entertaining. 

Week One - Metal Products

 Week one was metal and I started with a couple of days drawing farm birds, herbs and insects. My final metal product designs consisted of a plate, mugs and a pitcher where I incorporated my favourite drawings for a country farm yard feeling.

Farm Fresh Metal Home Decor Products

Farm Fresh Metal Home Decor Products

Playing with colour, texture and effects

Playing with colour, texture and effects

Blue Bird Surface Pattern Design

Blue Bird Surface Pattern Design

Preliminary sketches and drawings

Preliminary sketches and drawings

Metal Farm Yard Products I designed

Metal Farm Yard Products I designed

Home Decor Collection

I am finally finding some time to write this overdue blog post to show you my final Home Decor Collection. These are my favourite pieces that I designed for a home decor collection called Le Reve.

This collection consists of home decor concept designs and mockups in different mediums. I have selected the pieces which I personally think would make a fabulous collection to decorate your home. My Le Reve Collection has beautiful products made from glass, ceramics, fabric and wood substrates that are adorned with my surface pattern designs with a consistent colour palette. 

You would be able to decorate a whole room with these gorgeous pieces that are elegant and stylish. From cushions to quilts, vases to bowls and platters not to mention the ultimate tea pot and wonderful lacquered tea chest to store your favourite teas. I hope you enjoy seeing my Home Decor Designs.

This is my first fully designed and curated home decor collection that incorporates my work across many products and substrates. I am currently working on a new Home Decor Collection which is for the kitchen. If you like my style please contact me to discus custom design work, collaborations and licensing opportunities for Home Decor Products.


Designing for Glass

First of all let me tell you that I love glass and it is one of my biggest addictions when it comes to collecting and purchasing. This passion of mine has led me to accumulate a wonderful array of art glass by Australian Glass Artists, so I was super excited when I was going to learn about designing for glass home decor products in the course I am currently studying.

The possibilities are endless; from vases, plates, dishes and bottles, to windows, lights, candle holders and clocks, and then wonderful statement pieces and sculptural works. Then there are the techniques and applications; Hand blown, cast and molded, fused and slump, etched, sandblasted, decal and painted. Such variation in style and choices where was I to start?

The only thing I did not have to decide upon was the mood and the colour scheme as these were set by the trend board I had chose to base my designs and product concepts on. Le Reve was my theme and following on from the previous two weeks I had certain motifs and constraints in what I could utilise in order to decorate and design my dream glass home decor products. 

I had so many ideas and products that I wanted to design and apply my art to it was overwhelming, so I had to restrain and refine my final product selections. Here is the final result of my weeks work in learning and designing glass for the home decor market. 

As always I design surface pattern designs to form the basis of my work and portfolio. This week I chose to focus on two flowers for the main pattern designs. Daffodil and Lentern Rose were my choice floral subjects this week. I also produced a collection of product mock-ups for fabric with my daffodil illustrations, here is the result for some soft furnishings and a homeware collection which I have called Daffodil Danse. I really think it says springtime and would bring a touch of happiness and colour to your home.

Well that is a short roundup of my last weeks work as a designer. I am glad to be able to share with you some insights into my world as a surface pattern and product designer. For further information about any of these products or comission design work  please Contact Me

Designing Home Decor

The last few weeks I have been working on some new surface pattern designs for the home decor market as part of a course I am currently doing.

Learning about home decor products, size, shape, functionality and different material substrates that are used to manufacture products has enabled me to take my art and designs one step further.

I really enjoy being able to develop product concepts that I can showcase my designs on giving perspective clients a way to visualise and appreciate my work.

Here are some designs from my Florium Collection which was created for a range of soft furnishings including quilts, blankets, cushions and throws. 

If you would like to see more designs in my Florium Collection please Contact Me