New Floral Textile Designs

During May and June I worked on several new collections and floral designs with different looks, styles and colour palettes. The first floral design I did features hand drawn flowers with bright water colour and painted washes in various shades of pink, yellow and orange with black ink line work for the detailing. I wanted to create a fun design that would be suitable for little girls dresses and children's apparel. The inspiration for the floral motifs was derived from my childhood memories of my grand mothers doilies and crocheted flower rugs. 

The next design I want to share with you is 'Lotus Blossom' which shows the splendor of water lilies when it is springtime and they are blooming and soaring upwards to open up their wonderful display of petals. I decided to use a dark navy background which has created a very bold and striking contrast to the  pastel colours and retro yellow. This girls two tiered dress show one of the coordinating pattern designs on the bodice.

The last little girls dress has a design that I just finished on the weekend and it is part of a collection I did for the baby market. It has a softer colour palette with a dusty pink, light apricot, chartreuse and velvet grey. For this design I went back through some folk style drawings of tulips that I had done earlier this year in January which I had never used. I think this design looks really good on this girls sundress mock up and it looks really fresh and clean. 

Pretty in Pink

As you all know my Field of Flowers textile design was selected in the Top 100 designs from over 800 entries for the Spoonflower Fabric 8 competition. This is an annual textile design competition that is open to designers all around the world and this year it was partnered with Moda Fabrics. 

I chose to enter the dark colourway of my Field of Flowers textile design even though I loved the light pink colourway as well. Here is an image showing product mockups for some Home Decor soft furnishings with the light pink colour scheme of my Top 100 design. This colourway even though it is the same pattern has a much softer appearance and delicate feel to it and would be ever so lovely in a girls bedroom and it is in stark contrast to the bolder dark colour version. 

Fabric8 Textile Competition

I want to share with you my designs for the Spoonflower Fabric8 Textile Design Competition for Moda Fabrics

The theme for this years Fabric8 International Textile Design Competition was 'Botanical Sketchbook' . I love flowers and they are part of my design style and signature look. I have never entered a Spoonflower Design Competition but this theme was really inspiring so I decided to give it a try.

I designed several designs based on various flowers...from Crocus Bulbs, Daffodils, Peonies, Buttercups and Stewartia's. For weeks I hand drew illustrations and stylized sketches of these flowers in order to use for my designs. Then  I had to make a huge decision of which design to submit as you were only allowed one design. Such a hard decision as I loved them all.....Here are my four favourite designs.


Not only did I have to choose one design but I also had to decide on which colour palette to submit. Should I go with the safer, pretty and soft colours of the light background or would I bold, retro colourway of the dark background? I chose to go for the bold, really 70's Retro look with the hand drawn stylised drawings of Peonies, Buttercups and the not so known Stewartia flower.


There were over 800 entries from designers all around the world and I am so pleased to announce that my design was selected as a semi-finalist and made it to the Top 100 Designs! 

I am so proud and excited to be a Semi Finalist in the 2015 Fabric 8 Textile Design Competition! 

The next step of the process is to select the Finalists!......Just 8 Deigns will go through to the final round! If you like my design I would really appreciate your support by clicking on the image below and Voting for my design :)

Just scroll until you see my design and select it and any other designs you like to Vote for them.

The final 8 designers will then showcase their whole Botanical Sketchbook Collection which will consist of 3 other coordinating designs.....I would love to make it to the Finals...Thanks for you support and help :)