Happy 4th July, Celebrate Freedom

I am sitting here in my studio taking a short break from working on some new illustrations and designs when I remembered that it was the 4th of July - American Independence Day -  the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776 and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.

A few days ago I designed and created this floral illustration in red, white and blue for The 4th July and have named it 'Freedom Flowers' and it would also be a great piece of art for Australia Day since we have the same flag colours :)    

Tulip Time Tea Towels

This evening I will be back at my sewing machine hemming my Tulip Time Tea Towels, so I am hoping for a cooler night unlike last week where here in Sydney we had temperatures in the mid 30 degrees Celsius up until 3am! Here is a little preview look at one of the yellow and pink tea towels. I have 4 different colour choices in this collection. 

New Floral Textile Designs

During May and June I worked on several new collections and floral designs with different looks, styles and colour palettes. The first floral design I did features hand drawn flowers with bright water colour and painted washes in various shades of pink, yellow and orange with black ink line work for the detailing. I wanted to create a fun design that would be suitable for little girls dresses and children's apparel. The inspiration for the floral motifs was derived from my childhood memories of my grand mothers doilies and crocheted flower rugs. 

The next design I want to share with you is 'Lotus Blossom' which shows the splendor of water lilies when it is springtime and they are blooming and soaring upwards to open up their wonderful display of petals. I decided to use a dark navy background which has created a very bold and striking contrast to the  pastel colours and retro yellow. This girls two tiered dress show one of the coordinating pattern designs on the bodice.

The last little girls dress has a design that I just finished on the weekend and it is part of a collection I did for the baby market. It has a softer colour palette with a dusty pink, light apricot, chartreuse and velvet grey. For this design I went back through some folk style drawings of tulips that I had done earlier this year in January which I had never used. I think this design looks really good on this girls sundress mock up and it looks really fresh and clean. 

Spoonflower Design Competition

I have not entered any design competitions or challenges recently because I have been busy concentrating on various courses, learning new skills and working on new artwork in different mediums. One of the mediums I have started to play around with is painting with water colours and when Spoonflower announced that the theme for this surface pattern design competition was watercolours I thought yes! perfect timing. What a great way to be inspired to create a design, all in one day, and also incorporate some birds with my flowers. This is my entry 'Folk Garden' .  

To create this surface pattern design I started by painting up different folk style birds and floral motifs in watercolours which I then scanned and opened in Photoshop, where I created and assembled my repeat pattern. Here are some design process images of the original watercolour paintings which I used for this design.

Watercolour Painted Birds 

Watercolour Painted Birds 

Watercolour Painted Floral Motifs

Watercolour Painted Floral Motifs

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more of the process and the original paintings behind the design. If you would like to see more watercolour designs and vote for your favourite designs in this competition you can do so by going to the Spoonflower website via clicking Watercolour Design Competition

The designs are randomly displayed each time someone views the website and you can vote for as many designs as you like, however you can only vote once. If you like my design I would really appreciate your support with a vote, just scroll until you see it and select it by clicking on the tick.....Thank you so much :)



Farm Fresh Ceramic Designs

Week 4 of the Home Decor course was all about designs suitable for ceramics, but still in keeping with the country farm yard theme. I really enjoyed working on my designs for ceramics and I returned once again to floral inspired surface pattern designs which I used to adorn a ceramic Welcome wall plaque, a tall glazed vase and a some table ware - matching plates and bowl.  

Farm Fresh Ceramic Designs by Kirsten Katz

Farm Fresh Ceramic Designs by Kirsten Katz

I also played around developing some of my own product template mockups in photoshop as you can see here in this coffee mug and tea cup set. 

Coffee Mug and Tea Cup Set product design concepts

Coffee Mug and Tea Cup Set product design concepts

And then because I was on a roll with creating my own product templates I decided to make up some templates for ceramic planters. I think would look stunning with some lush plant with loads of green foliage, or just even as statement display bowls to brighten up a living room.

Week 3 was all about home decor product made from glass. I just want to share with you this glass pedestal bowl which I applied another of my surface patterns designs, so you can see some of the wonderful effects and decoration ideas that can be achieved with art and illustration when it is applied to products for your home. 

Farm Fresh Fabric

Week Two - Designing Home Decor Products 

Fabric was the product material used to design home decor items in week two. Continuing with the Farm fresh country garden party theme I designed products with an emphasis on flowers that had a folk style to them this week.  I designed teat towels, waterprrof outdoor cushions, napkins with a watercolour print, a garden deck chair with matching hat and a quirky waitress apron. 

Large throw outdoor picnic cushion  with screen printed floral pattern

Large throw outdoor picnic cushion  with screen printed floral pattern

This is one of the textile designs I created in week two, it is really bold and looks fabulous as upholstery as shown below on this arm chair. 

Illustration for tulip design

Illustration for tulip design

Victorinox 2016 Design

I have been entering alot of international design competitions and challenges lately. It is a great way as a designer to be able to work on different products and styles as well as getting work out there for the world to see.  The Jovoto, is a platform to bring creatives and global brands together to submit art, designs and patterns for products.  Victorinox 2016 is the most recent design competition that was open to creatives worlwide. 

The goal of this project is to design the 2016 Victorinox Limited Edition collection, for the classical smaller-version  of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. The aim was to develop a new, exciting and unseen design that unmistakably combines your style with the latest trends and exciting graphic elements.

My design Tulski showcases what Switzerland is famous and synonymous with - Tulips, skiing , mountains and the bold colours of its flag. Tulski, a combination of Tulips and Ski, is a modern design that is on trend with current patterns and geometric designs. 

I wanted to create a design that was graphic, bold, timeless and gender neutral which related to the iconic Victorinox brand and celebrated the beauty, wonders, sport and scenery of Switzerland. The colour palette for Tulski was directly drawn from the Victorinox logo and the Swiss flag with the addition of a charcoal black and a silver grey. The design elements are stylized patterns based on tulips, skis, ski trails, snow covered mountains and the lakes and valleys between them. 

You can view and rate my design my design Tulski on the Jovoto website. I would love your support :)


GTS - Global Talent Search

In August I entered the Global Talent Search, and international art and illustration competition orangised by The Lilla Rogers Studio.  The design brief for this competition was to create art and a design for a pair of sneekers for a fictitious girl named Antoinette.

 As soon as I read the design brief and Antoinette's story all I could think of was Alice in Wonderland! I developed 4 mood boards from the images in the assignment and made some further deductions about her interests, lifestyle and what she may like. I thought Antoinette would most likely be a cat lover which further fueled my Wonderland theme. So I made my art, designs and illustrations based on Antoinette in Wonderland.

My final artwork and pattern design was so rich with illustrations and beautiful images I was able to show off my work on more than one sneeker. 


A closer look at my artwork and design which I designed in two different colourways.

I am looking forward to adding some more surface patterns designs to Wonderland and being able to offer this design to art directors to be used on products.