Month of Mantras

Hand lettering.....Yes just like we used to do in the days before home computers and desk top publishing! I certainly remember those days and times when a heading for a school assignment was all done with hand lettering and often newly created and imaginative ways of drawing a letter. Those extras marks for your assignment that were attributed to beautiful presentation and the extra care you took to make your project look colourful.

Well it seems that hand lettering is now back and inspiring a younger generation who did not grow up with it just like macramé and terrariums, the art of drawing a letter and crafting a message or designing a lovely card is now highly valued on a design and in the illustration world.

Stationery, gifts, wall art, home décor and children's fashion are just some of the items that you will find expressions, mantras, positive thoughts and happy words in wonderfully creative hand drawn and painted lettering. 

I am still out on the debate as to whether I will incorporate this into any of my signature designs and style but I did decide to set up a little challenge.

'Month of Mantras' is a 30 day challenge where you hand letter 30 different mantras, something to motivate you and to inspire others and to be creative with your lettering. Not only does it put you in a good frame of mind for the day it allows you to be inspired and creative and to just have fun!

Why not join in the 'Month of Mantras' challenge and post your inspirational hand lettered mantras using #monthofmantras I would love to see what you do :)