A Bird in a Design

Over the past couple of weeks I have been researching designs that have birds in them. I have come to notice how many designs and artworks that have a bird or two in them. It is like the artwork is some sort of secret hiding place or the artist has added something to ponder as an interest point. This led me to ponder the question.....Why a bird?


One of the reasons I came up with was that birds belong to nature and gardens. They symbolise freedom and are an integral part of pollination for flowers and fruits.

The second reason I thought about was the fact that the most popular and timeless theme for textiles and surface design are florals. Thus a bird is the logical thing to add some interest and to extend the story and mood of the design.  

Then lastly I thought a bird does not seem to upset anyone, and it does not have a certain type of follower as do cats and dogs. Cats and dogs both have huge fans and lovers but they usually fall into one category or the other.....a cat lover or a dog lover. I have never heard of any rivalry between bird lovers and another type of animal?


For those of you who follow me on Instagram  @katzdestext you may have noticed that I have recently been posting up drawings and illustrations of birds  from my sketch book and that I have been experimenting with different techniques of drawings and painting as well as different types of birds.

There are so many designs and illustrations that incorporate beautiful, whimsical, cutesy and stylised birds in all shapes and sizes and the illustration and graphic design world is packed full of wonderful artists who have their own style and birdlike characters which are synonymous to their name. The task at hand for me and what I have been working on over the last few weeks was to find my way in the bird world of art and illustration. 

I have now narrowed my aviary down to a short list of a few feathered friends which I will start to incorporate in some of my new design and illustration work.

Let's hope that 'A Bird in a Design' is certainly worth two!