Designing for Glass

First of all let me tell you that I love glass and it is one of my biggest addictions when it comes to collecting and purchasing. This passion of mine has led me to accumulate a wonderful array of art glass by Australian Glass Artists, so I was super excited when I was going to learn about designing for glass home decor products in the course I am currently studying.

The possibilities are endless; from vases, plates, dishes and bottles, to windows, lights, candle holders and clocks, and then wonderful statement pieces and sculptural works. Then there are the techniques and applications; Hand blown, cast and molded, fused and slump, etched, sandblasted, decal and painted. Such variation in style and choices where was I to start?

The only thing I did not have to decide upon was the mood and the colour scheme as these were set by the trend board I had chose to base my designs and product concepts on. Le Reve was my theme and following on from the previous two weeks I had certain motifs and constraints in what I could utilise in order to decorate and design my dream glass home decor products. 

I had so many ideas and products that I wanted to design and apply my art to it was overwhelming, so I had to restrain and refine my final product selections. Here is the final result of my weeks work in learning and designing glass for the home decor market. 

As always I design surface pattern designs to form the basis of my work and portfolio. This week I chose to focus on two flowers for the main pattern designs. Daffodil and Lentern Rose were my choice floral subjects this week. I also produced a collection of product mock-ups for fabric with my daffodil illustrations, here is the result for some soft furnishings and a homeware collection which I have called Daffodil Danse. I really think it says springtime and would bring a touch of happiness and colour to your home.

Well that is a short roundup of my last weeks work as a designer. I am glad to be able to share with you some insights into my world as a surface pattern and product designer. For further information about any of these products or comission design work  please Contact Me