To Blog or Not to Blog?

That is the question and something that has been on my mind all day. However before I go into my thoughts and decisions about this I will share with you a very funny memory from Las Vegas when I was there on a business trip.

It was 3am in the morning and my husband and I were going back to our room at the Bellagio Hotel having deciding to stay awake all night and shop, eat and drink because we had an early flight back to Australia and the shuttle was picking us up at 4.30am. Anyway as the lift doors were closing in got two older men, one of them made some small chat to me in the lift. I was so tired and just thought I do not need this at 3am in the morning and was a bit like stand offish and didn't pay much attention.

I sensed my husband was behaving funny and did not interject with his normal wit, sort of lost for words. I just thought he was as tired as me and didn't think much of it until we got out of the lift. My husband looked at me and said 'Do you know who that was trying to chat you up in the lift and make small talk with you?' I said no and I do not care I am tired and it is 3am and I have to finish packing before the shuttle picks us up at 4.30am.

He said that was Mel Brooks! And he was trying so hard to talk to you in the lift and you had no idea!! LOL Just a brush with fame and one of those moments that is by chance which leads me back to my thoughts and decisions about blogging and why I decided to start this blog.

What Do I Want? What Makes Me Happy?  What Do I Really Enjoy Doing?
The answer to all these questions was - To Design!
Great I know what I want, what makes me happy and what I really love to do....But what now?

What do I do with all these designs? Do I just hold them or do I share them? 
Of course I want people to see them, I want my designs to be noticed, shared and enjoyed and I want people to buy things with my designs on!

So how can I make this happen? How to I get people to know me as a designer, my style and my work? I need to share my work and promote!

 Who at this present time knows and what inspires me to create? Who knows my thoughts and the ideas, concepts and struggles that make up one of my designs?

The answer is ME and only me! This is why I have decided to go start a blog. My blog, an artists journey as I like to think of it, will be about me as a designer, my designs, style, concepts, process, inspirations and of course short comings. It will be a way that I can share the essence of my art and designs.